REFLECTION: Broadening Perspectives

The Thailand alternative spring break trip reaffirmed my thoughts about pursuing an international career after graduation. In our visits to NGOs and foundations, we learned about different corporate social responsibility and advocacy for social impact initiatives. At all of our meetings, the presenters demonstrated dedication, passion, satisfaction, and fulfillment for their work in Thailand.

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From our first meeting at Internews, I was inspired by Brian Hanley’s work with other organizations to spread trusted information to neighboring countries. I found his work rewarding by providing underprivileged people with quality information with the power to change lives and make a difference in the world. Today, having access to trusted and credible information is more important than ever as ‘fake’ news has become a real problem in misinforming people.

Moreover, another company visit that resonated with me was the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). I enjoyed learning about the variety of different projects executed by a small team of four. My favorite project was the Asia- Pacific project, Generation What? A youth-oriented global transmedia project that is currently being developed to allow the younger generations to speak up about issues they are passionate about. I found this concept fascinating where established media channels will allow the younger generation to take over their platforms and speak on issues that they are passionate about. I also thought it was a great approach for news broadcasters to connect with multigenerational viewers, raise awareness, and ultimately, call them to action. In addition, at UNESCO we learned about each staff member’s diverse academic and professional backgrounds that led them to where they are today. Furthermore, learning about their personal experiences helped broadened my perspective and provided me with several optional career paths. They reassured me that there is no clear path to a career in a specific industry.

Overall, traveling to Thailand and meeting with NGOs and foundations have helped me visualize an international career for myself in the future. Ideally, I see myself working at an international organization where the mission is to have a social impact on the surrounding community. Lastly, obtaining this international experience through USC has been invaluable and unforgettable.


Saul Guevara

is a pursuing his Masters in Communication Management at Annenberg School of Communications. His professional background in communication and public relations in the field of healthcare has developed his passion for public services that have direct impact on social and environmental issues. Consequently, he is interested in learning about the corporate social responsibility initiatives businesses are implementing to achieve a healthy society by addressing global challenges such as economic development, environmental sustainability, and climate change.