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Data Natives and the Importance of Social Media

In summer 2018, Bruno engrossed himself as a creative content intern in a small start-up in Berlin, Germany. He speaks about his experience with digital storytelling in this social media era.

The Future of Hong Kong

In 2018, Sally interned with Text100 in Hong Kong through the Graduate Internship provided by Annenberg International Programs. She talks about her experience working in the digital space and it’s impact and future trajectory based on the cultural and political climate of China.

Lost in Translation

Megan speaks explicitly about her experience interning in South Africa and how the cultural difference gave her perspective to her existance and humanity.

Silicon Allee: The Startup Culture in Berlin

Lauren draws comparison to the difference in work culture between Berlin and Los Angeles and how she has been adapting to the culture shock through her internship at Silicon Allee.

"What does Africa mean to you?”

During her internship in Cape Town, Kayla explores her cultural routes and answers questions about her ethnicity and her ancestry background to have a better and deeper understanding of her identity.


Paulina takes Berlin, 2019

This summer, Paulina lived in Berlin and worked as a social media marketing intern for a company called Tech Open Air. Throughout this experience, she gained valuable insights on the current state of the tech industry and what it holds for the future.

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East meets West- Work Culture Shock

Mellisa chose Hong Kong for her summer internship because she saw the city as a gateway between the Eastern and Western culture. She was intrigued to learn about the cultural difference and what she could learn from immersing herself in a new workplace.

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How South Africa is Preparing for the Digital Age and Changing their News Narrative

Alex reflects on her internship experience in Cape Town, where she fully immerses herself in combating negative news narration and talks about the important relevance of positive imagery in mainstream media.