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ICS Reflection: 2001 Edition- Dr. Amanda Holdsworth

Dr. Amanda (Chaborek) Holdsworth is the assistant professor of sports promotion and management at Cleary University in Michigan. She earned a Master of Arts in Strategic Public Relations in 2002 and a Doctor of Education in 2017, both from USC.



Hear and see our students get candid about their ICS 2018 experience. Take tips and advice from them directly on what they learned and how this experience has impacted their growth and career.


How to pack for a month-long study abroad trip

If you’re thinking of doing the ICS study abroad program or you’ve already been accepted (congratulations!!) and wondering how to pack for this month-long, city-hopping trip. Don’t worry we got you covered. To save time and stress, we’ve compiled an ultimate guide on what to bring with you for this unique study abroad experience. You can use this as your check-list when packing.

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How to save money when you’re studying abroad in Europe

Living abroad, whether it is for a month or a semester it can be quite stressful and an expensive process. It’s very tough to find the right balance of saving money when you have several places to explore within a short period of time. Hence, it’s important to be strategic in the way you spend your pennies. Here we have a few suggestions to follow when studying abroad in Europe.


10 tips on how to stay safe when traveling abroad

Traveling abroad can be quite stressful if you’re not aware of the city. You will also be spending most of your time out and about exploring, so it’s very crucial to be cautious and take measures in order to stay safe on your trip. Here are a few tips to staying safe during your study abroad experience.

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Your essential guide to explore and sight-see during ICS 2019

Considering your time in each city will be limited, you need to make sure you plan your sightseeing wisely, so you can make the most out of what each city and the locality has to offer. Here’s some strategy on how to explore each city to maximize your experience.

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