COMPANY SPOTLIGHT: Corporate Social Responsibility at Gulf Group

USC Annenberg communication students traveled to Thailand during spring break to visit Gulf Group, one of Thailand’s leading energy producers to learn about their corporate social responsibility initiatives. The Gulf group are known as an energy company in Thailand producing safe and reliable energy selling to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) and industrial users. However, during site visits to the power plants, USC students learned more about the company’s corporate social responsibility initiatives. What started with empty land improvements in 2015 has grown dramatically within the last four years. To assist with company growth and site expansion, Gulf created several environmental and cultural initiatives to give back to their surrounding communities.


An environmental initiative Gulf created to support sustainability are rice farms, which are located near the power plants. In turn, the rice farms have created employment for local villages and communities. When cultivating the rice farms, Gulf uses minimal to no chemical usage. As a result, Gulf’s product is better without chemical and better than local farmers’ product. In fact, Gulf seeks to improve farmers’ income by providing alternative options such as teaching farmers to be self-sufficient, productive with their time, and to use new technology. Additionally, not using chemical has helped preserve the soil and water canals in the area. Another environmental initiative is the Million Tree project, in an effort to create a more sustainable environment and conserve green areas in village communities located near each of Gulf’s power plants.

Other corporate social responsibility initiatives at Gulf Group support local education, culture, art by donating scholarships and funds educate and invest in the Thai people. What’s more, Gulf motivates the younger generation to learn more and pursue environmental sciences by welcoming children to visit sites and analyze power plants. What’s more, Gulf has gained national and international recognition from EIA Monitoring, Green Industry, and PFI within the last two years. Given these points, USC Annenberg students gained a first-hand insight into challenges and effectiveness while evaluating on Gulf’s corporate social responsibility.  


Saul Guevara

is a pursuing his Masters in Communication Management at Annenberg School of Communications. His professional background in communication and public relations in the field of healthcare has developed his passion for public services that have direct impact on social and environmental issues. Consequently, he is interested in learning about the corporate social responsibility initiatives businesses are implementing to achieve a healthy society by addressing global challenges such as economic development, environmental sustainability, and climate change.