Student Experience

Here’s our students explicitly speaking about their study abroad experience.

 I really enjoyed learning about the intersection of tech, fashion and design at Native Union and plan to explore this niche industry in my own career path.


Professional Development Opportunity with Q5: London, 2019- Sarah Nuamah

The 9 members of the London Spring 2019 cohort that attended the Q5 interactive informational meeting had a blast.


Auckland Lantern Festival: Auckland, 2019- MacKenzie Weil

A Journalism major with a minor in Sociology at USC Annenberg. MacKenzie resonates a strong passion for marketing and social media. An extroverted spirit, who loves planning and bringing people together.  



Hong Kong, 2019- Danielle Gruen

Danielle Gruen, a Communication major at USC Annenberg embarked upon her journey to Hong Kong in Spring, 2019. Here’s Danielle in her own words, talking about her experience in Hong Kong.


ICS, 2001- Dr. Amanda Holdsworth

Dr. Amanda (Chaborek) Holdsworth is the assistant professor of sports promotion and management at Cleary University in Michigan. She earned a Master of Arts in Strategic Public Relations in 2002 and a Doctor of Education in 2017, both from USC.



On the other side of the world: Bangkok, 2018- Roberto Gutierrez

Roberto is a senior Communication major at USC Annenberg. He has worked for companies in the entertainment industry and currently produces content for on-campus organizations. His passions include story-telling, cooking (and eating), and listening to music. Ultimately, he hopes to create content that will inspire people in the near future.



Togetherness & Collaboration in Company Culture: Bangkok, 2018- Isadora Ocampo

Isadora is a senior at USC Annenberg studying Communication and will be graduating this spring. She is interested in the field of Human Resources and has had internships in talent acquisition, which has allowed her to put into practice the interpersonal communication, communication theories, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills that she has learned at Annenberg. 



BANGKOK AND CHIANG MAI, 2018- Grace Martinez

Grace is a sophomore studying Public Relations, currently doing her study abroad in Hong Kong. Born in China but raised in Koreatown, Los Angeles. She is interested in digital marketing, specifically in the industries of technology, music, entertainment and fashion/beauty, but also finds issues regarding politics and social justice interesting. She hopes to combine her skills in design with her interest in technology to create impactful campaigns.