Student Reflection: Hong Kong, 2019- Danielle Gruen

Before I decided to study in Hong Kong, I had a lot of misconceptions about what the city was like. My idea of Hong Kong included crosswalks filled with people, lots of Chinese food, and buildings everywhere.

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Now that I’m here, I’m delighted to see those ideas getting challenged every single day. Hong Kong certainly has buildings everywhere, but they’re pastel-colored and fascinating to look at.

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It’s densely-populated, but it couldn’t be easier to find peace and quiet while staring out at Victoria Harbour’s teal water, laying on the sand at Big Wave Bay, or hiking to the top of Dragon’s Back.

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I’ve eaten more dumplings than I can count, but I’ve also eaten at a British pub, a taco joint and even a Shake Shack.

After being here for a month, I’m eager to see what else Hong Kong has in store.

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Danielle Gruen

Danielle Gruen, a Communication major at USC Annenberg embarked upon her journey to Hong Kong in Spring, 2019. Here’s Danielle in her own words, talking about her experience in Hong Kong